Mobile, AL has experienced its share of hurricanes and tropical storms.  It has felt their wrath and seen the damage they leave behind first hand, from Camille in 1969 to Katrina in 2005. The damage can be considerable but can be worse if the necessary steps are not taken swiftly. This is very true for commercial property and the businesses in Mobile. Knowing a reliable commercial restoration company is important to ensure you will be able to mitigate damage and begin the restoration process on your property as soon as possible.  ACR Cleaning and Restoration will be there with a standard arrival time within 2 hours.


We recommend you do the research before the storm happens and make sure insurance will cover the costs.  Before the storm hits, look for ways to make your business more resilient. Consider worst case scenarios and examine ways to continue generating revenue. Providing staff with the ability to work from home can mean you’re still able to be productive, while commercial restoration continues. For restaurants and shops, this will, of course, be more difficult but you could always look at catering in the home and at events. ACR Cleaning and Restoration can help you in advance of storms to set up hurricane and tropical storm preparedness plans.

What Type of Damage Affects Mobile Commercial Buildings?

The damages that can affect a commercial property is the same regardless of the type of storm or disaster that occurs. These common damages include:

  • Storm and wind damage – Damage caused by strong winds and heavy rain which can remove roof tiles, break windows and more.
  • Water damage – Water damage can be caused by burst pipes, floods, rain or many other things. The damage can result in contaminated water affecting surfaces and furniture, in mold growth, and erosion. Water damage to electrical parts and lines is especially dangerous.
  • Fire damage – Fire damage can be the result of lightning strike, electrical wires exposed to water, or from a gas stove. Fire damage causes severe destruction to your property requiring cleaning and restoration services.
  • Mold – Mold spreads swiftly around properties as air-borne spores and remediation is very important to prevent it from getting out of hand. Some mold is harmful to humans and special precautions must be taken.

With hurricanes, Mobile commercial restoration will also often involve fire damage and water damage, due to high winds.  Specifically, strong or high winds can burst pipes, collapse electrical lines, create holes in the walls, ceiling, and break gas pipes.  Additionally, hurricane damage can cause explosions, fires, and floods and this is before you consider the accompanying lightning and heavy rain. This is just some of the damage that can result from a hurricane and makes hurricane restoration necessary.

What should you do if you need Commercial Restoration Services in Mobile?

We recommend setting up a plan well in advance with one of our team members.  This will reduce the down time you experience.  When it comes time to use hurricane restoration services, you and your company need to be able to act swiftly to provide immediate relief and to prevent further damage.  A prepared plan will help you with the necessary tasks you will need to accomplish.  These can be accomplished by carrying out several different jobs and by going through a few different steps.

The very first thing you should do is to call the emergency services to deal with any fire (if applicable) and to vacate the building. The safety of you and your employees should always be the number one priority. Your first step should be to contact ACR Cleaning and Restoration and let us secure your commercial property. This is something that should be done as swiftly as possible.  The longer you leave your property damaged, the more serious the damage will eventually be. After a hurricane, your commercial property or business may be left with a serious leak or with a wall missing.  This is serious and could result in the property getting wet and having dust, dirt, and debris blown in. The quicker you address the situation or begin the mitigation process, the less expensive this subsequent damage and resulting mess will be.

The second step is to for our team to provide a full assessment.  Upon arrival, usually within 2 hours, our Mobile commercial restoration will typically begin with an assessment process to ascertain the full extent of the damage and to come up with a restoration plan.  The amount of damage from a hurricane can be extensive and deciding the order of repairs is extremely important.  Our assessment will provide an estimated budget and time frame which will allow you to make plans regarding alternative accommodation for your employees if necessary.

We will take pictures of the damage to provide to your insurance company and then begin the mitigation process.  We need to examine for structural damage and other severe problems. ACR will start by restoring integrity to your building so that no further damage continues.

These are just some of the things ACR Cleaning and Restoration can do to help if your business has been damaged by a hurricane, a severe storm, or other serious damage.  Call the experts at ACR Cleaning and Restoration.  Our team is experienced in working with commercial insurance providers and can help navigate the insurance waters. We can also help with filing paperwork to keep your costs down. Don’t let a storm damage your commercial property value!

When you need a hand during an Mobile, AL disaster and need commercial restoration services, think Reliability! Think ACR Cleaning and Restoration!  (800)737-8089