Orlando is often considered safe from direct hurricane strikes, but in 2004 Charley proved otherwise. Orlando, FL has had damage from hurricanes remnants and tropical storms.  Hurricane Irma, in 2017, originally was forecasted have a direct impact on the area but prevailing winds and an Atlantic high pushed it to the west.  Orlando business owners completely understand the damage that can be caused by a major hurricane. The damage to commercial property can be significant but worse if appropriate steps are not taken to ensure otherwise. Having a reliable commercial restoration company only a phone call away is important to ensure your ability to mitigate damage and start the restoration process as soon as possible.  ACR Cleaning and Restoration will be there with a normal arrival time within 2 hours.

PREPAREDNESS is key BEFORE A STORM HITS ORLANDO – have you made your plans?

It is recommended you undertake the required research, to find a commercial restoration company, long before a storm forms and begins its march toward Orlando and the Florida coast.  When you live in a high Hurricane prone area, you need to make sure insurance will cover the costs.  Locate methods to make your business more resilient.  The consideration of worst case scenarios will allow you and your team to examine effective methods to continue generating revenue. Simply providing staff with the tools that allow for them to work from home can mean continued productivity, while commercial restoration continues.  However, your staff will be dealing with their own issues from the hurricane. ACR Cleaning and Restoration can help in your preparations and planning to develop hurricane and tropical storm preparedness plans.

Types of Damage that can be exerienced by Orlando Commercial Buildings?

The damages that can be experienced by a commercial property is the comparable regardless of the storm type or disaster scenario that occurs. The common resulting damages include:

  • Storm and wind damage – Damage caused by strong winds and heavy rain which may remove roof tiles, break windows, etc.
  • Water damage – Water damage from burst pipes, floods, or rain. The damage can be further exasperated by contaminated water affecting surfaces and furniture. Water damage to electrical parts and lines is especially dangerous. Unaddressed water damage can eventually lead to mold damage.
  • Fire damage – Fire damage can be caused by a lightning strike or an exposed electrical wire to water. Fire damage causes severe destruction to your property requiring cleaning and restoration services.
  • Mold – Mold unfortunately spreads quickly as air-borne spores.  Remediation is very important to prevent it from getting out of control. Some mold is especially harmful to humans and special precautions must be taken.

Fire damage can also be the result of high winds from a hurricane.  Specifically, strong or high winds can burst pipes, collapse electrical lines, create holes in the walls, ceiling, and break gas pipes.  Furthermore, hurricane damage can cause explosions, fires, and floods and this is before you contemplate the associated lightning and heavy rain. This is just some of the damage that can result from a hurricane and makes hurricane restoration necessary.

What should you do if you need Commercial Restoration Services in Orlando?

As mentioned, a preparedness plan is optimal. Preparing one with your team will reduce the down time you experience.  When it comes time to activate your plan, you and your company need to be able to act quickly to receive immediate relief and the prevention of further damage.  A preparedness plan will help you keep track of the required tasks needing to accomplish.  These can be achieved by carrying out several different jobs and by going through a few simple different steps.

First and foremost, you should call emergency services if there is a fire or other emergency. The safety of you and your employees must be the top priority. Your next step should be to call ACR Cleaning and Restoration and let us secure your commercial property. The securing of Orlando commercial property must be done as quickly as possible.  The longer the damage is unaddressed, the more serious the damage will eventually be. After a hurricane, your commercial property or business may suffer a serious leak, a missing wall, or even the roof torn off.  This is a serious situation and could result in the property getting wet and having dust, dirt, and debris blown inside. The sooner you address the situation or start the mitigation procedures, the less expensive the consequential damage and resulting mess will be.

The second step is to for our commercial restoration team to deliver a full assessment of your property.  Upon arrival, normally within 2 hours, our Orlando commercial restoration experts will start with the assessment process to ascertain the full scope of damage and provide comprehensive restoration plan.  The amount of damage from a hurricane can be extensive and determining the repair order is exceptionally important.  Our assessment will provide an estimated budget and time frame which will allow for plans to be made for alternative accommodation for your employees if necessary.

We will take all required pictures and more of the damage to provide and record for the insurance company and then start the mitigation process.  We will examine the property for structural damage and other severe problems. ACR will commence repairs by restoring integrity to your building to stop the continuation of damage.

These are many things ACR Cleaning and Restoration can do to assist with if your business has been damaged by a hurricane, a severe storm, or suffered other serious damage.  Call the experts at ACR Cleaning and Restoration.  Our team is fully knowledgeable in the inner workings of commercial insurance providers and can help circumnavigate the insurance waters. We can also assist with the tedious task of filing paperwork to keep your costs down. Don’t let a storm damage your commercial property value!

When you need a hand during an Orlando, FL disaster and need commercial restoration services, think Reliability! Think ACR Cleaning and Restoration! (800)737-8089