Commercial restoration and hurricane preparedness and recovery.  Is your business or commercial property ready for the damaging effects of a hurricane or tropical storm of any size that can strike Raleigh, NC?  Raleigh is inland but is still susceptible to the effects of high winds and rain from tropical systems.  Many people think hurricanes are a coastal event but veteran residents will tell you otherwise.  Preparing for such a catastrophe is just as important as the cleanup and restoration after.  ACR Cleaning and Restoration is your preparation and commercial restoration experts.  We are here to help you prepare a plan for any type of disaster and once it occurs to help in restoring your commercial property and business back to normal.

Every ACR Crew provides dedicated emergency commercial cleanup and restoration services, for Raleigh, to return commercial properties to their original condition while minimizing interruptions. We can handle any damage due to any severe weather, such as:

  • Hurricanes
  • Thunderstorms
  • Lightning strikes
  • Tornadoes
  • High winds
  • Hail

Being prepared BEFORE A STORM HITS Raliegh is important – do you have a plan?

The Department of Homeland Security and FEMA highly recommend business have a plan just in case disaster strikes.  One large recommendation is to do the required research, to find a commercial restoration company, long before a storm forms and begins its slow move toward Savannah.  Businesses in high Hurricane prone areas need to make sure they have the proper level of insurance.  Look for ways for their business to be more resilient and ability to continue operation.  Worst case scenario review will help your team be ready when the worst happens.  Remember, your staff will have their own issues from a hurricane. ACR Cleaning and Restoration can help in your preparations and planning to develop hurricane and tropical storm preparedness plans. The biggest benefit to working with ACR is we will be only a quick phone call away.

Possible Damage from a Hurricane striking Raliegh

The damage experienced most by Raleigh commercial property is fire, water, and wind.  The mitigation required, once damage happens, must be swift and done right.  Water damage, if ignored, can result in mold compounding the restoration process further. Hurricane force winds can take off the roof, break windows, or knock down a wall. Not only will these openings allow rain to infiltrate the building but leave the property at risk of theft or vandalism.  Fire damage is possible from the lightning associated with the storm and downed power lines.  Some fires start from exposed electrical wiring to water allowed in the building.  Once contacted, the ACR team will be at your facility within 2 hours. 

When the team is onsite, they will take pictures and record the initial damage to provide to insurance companies. The next step is to secure the commercial property, including making sure it is structurally sound.  Mitigation steps begin from tarping the roof to covering broken windows. These steps are necessary to stop the damage and begin the process of restoration preparation.  Insurance companies require Raleigh business and commercial property owners to do everything in their power to mitigate damage.

These are just a few of the things ACR Cleaning and Restoration can do to assist with weather related damage, including from hurricanes, severe storms, or other disasters.  Call the commercial restoration experts at ACR Cleaning and Restoration.  Our team is experienced with the requirements and procedures of commercial insurance providers. We can also assist with the monotonous task of filing paperwork to keep your costs down.

When you need a hand during an Raleigh, NC disaster and need commercial restoration services, think Trustworthiness! Think ACR Cleaning and Restoration! (800)737-8089