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Extreme weather or faulty plumbing, either instance can wreak havoc on your business and commercial building, while causing significant damage.  When the unexpected water disaster occurs, AccuChem Cleaning and Restoration (ACR) is ready to help with commercial water damage restoration in Charleston.  We understand you want to stay open, if the damage allows, and, to keep downtime to a minimum, we will work around your schedule. ACR guarantees all our services and promises to go above and beyond expectations for every Charleston commercial water damage restoration customer.

The Importance of Speed in Commercial Water Damage Restoration Charleston

Our professional and highly experienced teams are available 24/7/365 and can be at most locations within two hours, across Charleston, SC.  We are focused on fast response times for when emergencies happen there is no time to waste.  The longer water is in your commercial building or facility the amount of damage increases.  Insurance companies require mitigation to be undertaken as quickly as possible to mitigate further damage. The first step in Charleston commercial water damage restoration is get the ACR team at your location as quickly as possible and begin the mitigation process.  Again, a fast response is the key to minimizing the loss due to water damage. Water naturally evaporates and this process starts immediately and if time is wasted then moisture will redistribute and infiltrate ceiling tiles and drywall. The result is secondary damage that can dramatically increase the claims cost. Some examples of secondary damage include:

  • Buckling of hardwood floors
  • Development of mold spores
  • Sags and crack form in plaster and sheetrock
  • Vinyl loosens from the floor

How Charleston Commercial Water Damage Restoration Works

Accuchem’s team of water damage experts have specialized equipment on hand to handle any situation.  Our certified technicians utilize our specialized equipment to determine the severity of the damage to your commercial building. Once we have surveyed the situation, team will begin removing the standing water and develop a unique plan for the restoration of your building.  The removal of standing water is handled differently depending upon whether the water is under the property or inside the property. Next, we bring in the big fans and dehumidifiers to remove moisture and prevent mold development.  If water damage has affected the walls, then we will make small holes in the wall where the (removed) base board was. This will allow air movement through the drywall.

ACR is focused on relieving your stress during this time and getting your business back to its original condition before the water emergency.  If needed, we will dry your property after hours and remove our equipment in the morning so you can reopen.  This is also dependent upon the type of damage incurred. There are very strict protocols that must be followed and implemented quickly. Otherwise, your total loss will be a lot higher than necessary. We have a proven track record for efficiently removing water from businesses and saving wet items ranging from electronics to furniture, to vital paper documents.

Once we assess completely assessed the damage, salvageable items are carefully removed and then restored in a secure facility. We make sure to sort out printed media such as books and documents as well as computers, hard drives, and optical storage media. Everything is professionally packed and stored in one of our warehouses until we can return it to you once the restoration process is complete. Our professional document recovery services make it possible to restore documents that, until recently, would have been written off as a total loss.

We know that if your business is not operating your losing money and the impact increases daily or even hourly. ACR professionals are trained to work quickly and efficiently to get you back in operation and in as little time as possible. Once urgent repairs have been completed, we make sure that the premises are free from contaminants and that all air ducts and HVAC systems are operational and clean.

When you need a help during a Charleston SC water emergency and need commercial water damage restoration services, think Reliability! Think ACR Cleaning and Restoration!  (800)737-8089.