Hurricanes are a common occurrence if you live along the Gulf Coast or Atlantic Seaboard.  Fort Lauderdale, Florida is one of these cities.  Located on the Atlantic side of Florida, Fort Lauderdale FL has seen its share of hurricanes of all categories. You have probably lived through several yourself, on the other hand, you may have just suffered severe damage.  Severe damage that requires hurricane restoration for your commercial building in Fort Lauderdale.  Damage from wind or flood.  Has the roof blown off or caved in?  Is there standing water inside your building? Is there noticeable physical damage and you do not know what to do?

Hurricane Damage is disheartening to say the least. The confusion and overall overwhelming feeling one feel when faced with the unfortunate situation leaves one feeling hopeless and all alone.  You’re not alone.  Accuchem Cleaning and Restoration is the expert in Hurricane, Flood, and Water Restoration.

Emergency Contact Available 24/7/365

The first thing to do when a hurricane occurs is to contact Accuchem Cleaning and Restoration immediately. (800)737-8089.  Call us and we can begin the process to secure your property.  Insurance policies requires the insured to mitigate damage as quickly as possible.  Mitigating damage should be done quickly as possible for the longer the property is left in its damaged state without temporary repair increases the amount of damage incurred.   After a hurricane, your commercial building may be left with a severe leak or missing wall which will allow water, dust, dirt, and debris blowing in. The sooner its dealt with, the less expensive this consequential damage and mess will be.  For most locations, Accuchem can respond within 2 hours.

Hurricane, Flood, Water Commercial Water Damage Assessment

Once the Accuchem team arrives, hurricane restoration will typically begin with an assessment process to ascertain the full extent of the damage and to develop a plan.  Having a specific plan developed and implemented quickly will help in deciding what order to address the various issues.  A well-developed plan will save time and money while making your insurance company very happy. Remember, hurricane damage can leave properties without roofs, with large holes in the wall, with shattered windows, with burst pipes or generally other damage that leaves the premises exposed to the elements or under continued strain. Accuchem will start by restoring integrity to your Fort Lauderdale commercial building so that no further damage continues.

Beyond common belief, Hurricane restoration involves several different jobs and services all rolled into one to provide resolution. As you might know or have experienced, hurricanes can often result in water damage through flooding, through rain or through other means. Accuchem provides water damage restoration which involves removing standing water, cleaning and sanitizing the area and the complete drying of your Fort Lauderdale commercial property. It’s very important to remove all standing water, including sewage backup.  Flood or water restoration involves water removal and then drying the building.  Drying includes the use of dehumidifiers to clean the air and remove moisture. In some cases, mold remediation may even be necessary to remove mold that may have grown because of the water damage. Prime example as to why it’s important to deal with water damage quickly – moist surfaces can otherwise begin growing mold in as little as 24 hours.

Don’t hesitate after a hurricane, water, or flood damage.  Call Accuchem Cleaning and Restoration today and we will be there within two hours from the time you call in most areas.  Your Fort Lauderdale Commercial building is counting on you!  (800)737-8089