In the northeastern United States, sits the smallest state in the union, Rhode Island. A state small in landmass but big on hospitality, attractions, and beautiful beaches. Rhode Island has seven top destination areas: Blackstone Valley, Warwick & West Bay, Providence, Bristol County, Newport County, Block Island, and South County. Rhode Island is known as “the Ocean State.” Rhode Island’s official name is the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. The full name is derivative of the union of four colonial settlements. The settlements of Newport and Portsmouth are located in the area that was known as Rhode Island in Colonial times, however is now referred to Aquidneck Island. Business is expanding, in Rhode Island.

Businesses are increasing, in both profits and employees, with the new found economic energy, in the US, resulting in an increased need of outside services. Business growth commonly results in an increased need for commercial carpet, flooring, and hard surface cleaning services. In addition, events happen where damage occurs and commercial restoration services are become needed. The choice of which company to provide these services seems like it would be easy from a first glance. However, choosing the right Rhode Island Commercial cleaning and Commercial restoration service provider may become an overwhelming task quickly. Rhode Island businesses do not have the time to bog down in the search for a reliable, trustworthy commercial cleaning and commercial restoration company. The need a company with the attributes possessed by a highly respectful organization, who demonstrates the attributes daily, even when no one is watching. That is true integrity. AcccuChem was founded with a strict foundation of business acumen and a culture of integrity, reliability, and the unyielding desire to ensure every job is completed correctly each and every time. Our team displays these core attributes every day and are driven to provide the best customer service in the industry. Top to bottom, every member of our team is here to service our customers. From the moment you begin your journey with AccuChem Commercial cleaning and Commercial restoration, you will quickly realize how truly special we are and why we are the best in the industry. AccuChem is the top provider of commercial carpet and flooring cleaning and commercial restoration services across Rhode Island.


The daily grind and just functioning of your business causes your carpet and flooring to become dirty. Every day, as the owner, you expect the office to be clean and your clientele agree. First impressions are huge and your building or office space must positively represent your company and cleanliness starts the impression off on the right foot. A dirty office, even dirty or worn carpet and unpolished flooring, can result in customers choosing to do business elsewhere. In a recent survey, Ninety-five percent of consumers concurred that cleanliness can lift a good business to a great business, and 92 percent revealed that if a restaurant is clean they are more likely to recommend it to friends. Additionally, nearly three-quarters (74 percent) say they are more likely to overlook slow service if the business is markedly clean. Our Rhode Island commercial carpet and flooring cleaning services are focused on appearance and providing the added protection from a deep sanitary clean. To keep your employees and clients protected health wise, it is recommended that sanitary cleaning is a top priority. Each client gets a thorough consultation that is part of our proprietary consultative process, we discuss your needs, requirements, and standards. Our process is designed to provide extraordinarily clean carpet and flooring while providing exceptional service. Since 1991, we have coupled flexibility with customization which has allowed us to offer a wide variety of services to meet your needs, from dusting and window washing to commercial carpet cleaning to floor buffing.


A disaster is eventually going to happen if it hasn’t already. Rhode Island has had its share and when disaster strikes, time is not on your side and dealing with undependable commercial restoration companies is not feasible or welcome. When you call AccuChem, we provide a destination arrival time within 2 hours, to most destinations. Fire, Mold, or Water damage, we have the commercial restoration services needed to ensure the job done. When one of our experts arrive at your location, the remediation process begins immediately. Our commercial restoration services start by being focused on the reduction of damage. Mitigated damage equals lower rebuild or reconstruct cost. All Rhode Island Commercial restoration projects undergo the same consultative process. Our team of highly experienced experts can and will assist in restoring your business to its pre-disaster condition, whilst communicating with your insurance provider, so you don’t have to. Do you really have to talk to your insurance company almost daily? We are your one point of contact, removing unnecessary stress resulting from dealing with multiple contractors.

AccuChem has a proud lasting tradition of dedication to innovation, efficiency, empathy, and outstanding customer service across Rhode Island and beyond. We understand the trauma and stress a disaster may cause a facility manager or business owner, as well as the powerless feelings that may result after a fire or flood. When you need a hand during an Rhode Island disaster, an unlucky mishap, or building commercial cleaning services, think Reliability! Think AccuChem!