Restoration and Cleaning Maine

Maine is fondly nicknamed “the Pine Tree State” and is called home of numerous top 500 companies and other companies of variable sizes.  Each of these noteworthy businesses have the need for commercial cleaning services and, one time or another, commercial restoration services.  Deciding the right Maine Commercial cleaning and Commercial restoration service provider can be an overwhelming task. Therefore, they deserve the special commercial cleaning and commercial restoration company with qualities possessed by a highly respectful organization that demonstrates it daily.  When AccuChem was founded, its very business foundation was built on a culture of integrity, reliability, and the unyielding desire to ensure every job is completed correctly and accurately the first time and every time.  These foundational qualities can be found in the everyday actions of our team, top to bottom.  Once you begin working with AccuChem Commercial cleaning and Commercial restoration, it will become clear we are the best in the business.  AccuChem is the leading provider of commercial cleaning and commercial restoration services across Maine, from Augusta to Portland.


When you arrive at your office, you expect it clean and your clientele does too. Your building or office space must present your company in a good light and cleanliness will go a long way in presenting a good first impression.  A dirty office can cause customers to choose to do business somewhere else. Astoundingly, in a recent survey, Ninety-five percent of consumers concurred that cleanliness can lift a good business to a great business, and 92 percent revealed that if a restaurant is clean they are more likely to recommend it to friends. Furthermore, nearly three-quarters (74 percent) say they are more likely to overlook slow service if the business is noticeably clean. Our Maine commercial cleaning services are focused on appearance and providing needed protection from a deep sanitary clean.  With the recent upsurge in Flu cases, it is recommended that sanitary cleaning becomes a top priority. Through our proprietary consultative process, we discuss your needs, requirements, and standards to provide exceptional service. Since 1991, we have coupled flexibility with customization allowing us to offer a myriad of services to meet your needs, from dusting and window washing to carpet commercial cleaning to floor buffing.


Disaster are not new for Maine, however, when disaster strikes, time is not on your side and dealing with unreliable commercial restoration companies is not feasible or welcome.  When you call AccuChem, most of locations have an arrival time to destination within 2 hours.  Fire, Mold, or Water we have the commercial restoration service needed to get the job done.  When one of our professionals arrive at your location, the remediation process begins right away, focusing on reducing damage. Mitigated damage equals lower cost to rebuild or reconstruct.  All Maine Commercial restoration projects undergo the same consultative process mentioned earlier. Our team of highly experienced professionals can and will help restore your business to its pre-disaster condition, while communicating with your insurance provider.  We are your one point of contact, removing unnecessary stress resulting from dealing with multiple contractors.

AccuChem has a proud enduring tradition of dedication to innovation, efficiency, empathy, and outstanding customer service across Maine. We understand the trauma and stress a disaster may cause a facility manager or business owner, as well as the powerless feelings that may result after a fire or flood. When you need a hand during an Maine disaster, an unlucky mishap, or building commercial cleaning services, think Reliability! Think AccuChem!